Modern Home Lesson

Modern Home Lesson

Average Capital Requirement:  N18,000

Summary: After School lessons or what people referred to as simply ‘private lessons’ have been in existence as far back as there was school. It is basically an avenue for teachers to reinforce what was taught in class. However, with comfort and undivided attention for student becoming key to learning, home lessons became more important. Depending on the location, class of pupils, number of children and subjects in question the amount varies from between 8000NGN to 50000NGN/month/student. You can also cash in on this opportunity.



Modern Home lesson is an avenue to make money with the knowledge you have acquired. With varieties of subjects to pick from, you can offer your services as a home lesson teacher to different cadre of pupil depending on your own level of education. The most popular combination is English and Mathematics and this can fetch you some cool cash at the end of the month while the most lucrative are the specialized subjects such as music, dance, swimming, French language, German language, Spanish language and Sports etc, this could earn you as much as double of what you can earn with just English and Mathematics.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Syllabus of the subjects you intend to teach depending on the teaching style you adopt (read more)

Teaching materials and aides to make your teaching interesting and to sell you as a professional e.g. learning aides, evaluation materials, writing materials etc

  • Personnel

You alone for a start

  • Capital

Bulk of the capital will go into awareness creation: printing fliers and meeting with executives who definitely need your services for their children.

Buying teaching materials, aides and accessories

Required Skills

A good academic qualification a minimum of NCE/OND is good enough for Primary pupil, while for secondary a minimum of HND/First Degree is okay

A good command of English language (Your selling point), Good pronunciation and ability to interact with children

Willingness to be challenged to improve yourself and add value to people.

Interested? Click link below to download full document

Modern Home Lesson

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