E-Soup Business


Average Capital Requirement: Zero Capital

Summary: Do you want to put food on the table for choice clients in style making an average of N180,000/month after the first 3 months? This business is the real deal for you if you can cook very well and you can use the social media to market.


Someone once said that social media is nothing till you can download food to eat, I guess that era is here already. E-soup is a business that allows target individuals download food, figuratively speaking with your help while you make money.

Required Resources


Social media platform (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) for your marketing
Cooking utensil (well set kitchen, pots, gas cooker etc.)
Packaging plastics (1liter – 4 liters)
Delivery channel (you can deliver yourself or get a delivery personnel who gets paid per delivery)
Deep freezer to preserve excess


For starters you alone will do, then you can grow your personnel with the business

Most of the things you will need are your basic household stuff. So capital required is zero but you should be ready to use your social media skills to market your business or get a social media marketer involved.

Required Skills

Excellent cooking skill with eyes for details especially with clients that are selective with what they consume

Good social media marketing skill

Good organization in terms of record keeping, client follow up and relationship management

Patience with business through the growing stages

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