Executive Fashion Designer

Executive Fashion Designer

Average Capital Requirement: N50, 000

Summary:   Fashion designing or better known as tailoring is a traditional business in Nigeria and one which would always bring in returns, depending on how current one is in the fashion world. Executive fashion designer is one who does the business end of fashion designing, with little knowledge of the act of sewing but with the best of marketing skills and fashion information. This business is guaranteed to earn you up to N200,000 per month depending on your drive for success.

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Executive fashion designer’s job is to make available the best of tailored dress to busy clients who wouldn’t have time to reach the everyday tailor at a reasonable price, impeccable delivery time and according to specifications. This is simple enough when you know the right market, the right material suppliers and the best tailors.

Required Resources

  • Personnel
  1. At least 5 very exceptional tailors
  2. Trustworthy clothing material salespersons
  3. Delivery person (optional)
  • Capital
  1. Cost to cover marketing
  2. Cost of Basic Training

Required Skills

  • Good marketing skills
  • Knowledge of most recent trends in fashion
  • Knowledge of people and places
  • Basic knowledge of tailoring (Basically how to take measurements of different styles)

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Executive Fashion Designer

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