Babysitting Service

Babysitting Service


Average Capital Requirement: Zero Capital (N0,000)

Summary: This is a next to zero capital business that can fetch you so much if you love kids and you understand them. You can make as much as N50,000/month. This business is very suitable for retirees, house wives, young school leavers (under the supervision of an older person) and graduates who are still waiting to be called for service.



Babysitting is really not popular in this part of the world as most parents still prefer to employ house maids and nannies who can come around and stay with the babies in their own homes. However, with increased campaign against underage maid service and crazy demands of maid providers in Nigeria, if you can package your service very well, most parents would be more than happy to use your service.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Playing space for the kids (like your sitting room, verandah or personal room)

Toys for the kids to play with and learning materials and aides

Bed for kids to sleep

Baby’s first aid kit or box

  • Personnel

You and an assistant (optional)

  • Capital

Aside from the toys, every other thing can be easily gotten from home.

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