10 Ways to Beat Competition: Way 3 – Using Branding

10 Ways to Beat Competition: Way 3 – Using Branding

Branding is simply identifying. Your brand is something to identify your product or company; things such as logo, symbol, slogan, style or manner that distinguishes your product or services from others. Branding is a very important aspect of business setup and business marketing; it covers all what target customers can actually watch out for, when they are looking for your product in the market. A well branded product has a way of announcing itself and attracting buyers.


To beat competition using branding, some basic rules must be observed.

  1. Attraction: Your branding must attract attention. There must be that ‘shout’ in your branding, something that makes it irresistible. That factor that draws the attention to the product or service. Use of appealing colors, quality pictures, relatable product names, and bold statements or slogans are few of the things to create that attraction. In the current digital world, people are most fascinated by products in beautiful packs or adverts with colorful and beautiful pictures; these draws attention to your product, singles it out of competition and makes people want to try it out.
  1. Simplicity: Your branding must be simple enough to make meaning at first glance. For instance, a can with tomato pictures tells you this is something edible or for cooking, that simple! Most times people write so much on the product (maybe to impress or something) but this has negative effect, as people don’t have that time when they are shopping, they will rather drop your product and go for a competition’s product that is less complicated. If there are details you will like to share keep them on the leaflet (except it is required by law to be shared on the pack). The packaging, graphics or slogan should be short or simple (KISS rule).
  1. Be consistent: In branding you have to be consistent, if it is a logo that singles your company out, make sure it is the same logo on all your companies’ product, no variations! Sometimes people forget the names of particular product of their choice company, all they try to seek out is the logo, which is already registered in their mind. Be consistent with colors, graphics, slogans as these help register your product in the subconscious of your customers as a against competition’s product. For example, when you see an orange building in Nigeria, GTBank just comes to your mind.
  1. Connect and Contribute: The sole purpose of branding is to register your product and services in the mind of people ahead of other products. The focus is the people, so you have to connect with them, identify with them and contribute to the community. You can sponsor events, organize events, identify with their beliefs or culture, and be close to them as much as possible. Example is the names on bottles of Coke that just connects to individuals; and anyone would pick a drink with his name ahead of any other drink. It is just natural; when people are made to feel appreciated they reciprocate.
  1. Quality: Delivery on promised quality is the most important part of branding. People will continue to do business with a brand that they trust, and according to Zig Ziglar, ‘if people like you they will listen to you but if they trust you, they will do business with you”. Earning customer’s trust is critical to branding and surviving competition; a betrayed customer by one of your products would run as far as possible from all of your other products and even convince others not to try them. So a good branding (brand) not only says it, it does it and even much more. If you deliver on quality on a product, you become a trusted brand and a brand of choice ahead of your competitions.

branding 2

Branding is more than logo, websites, smart slogans, complementary cards or colorful packaging. Branding is an experience that creates a long lasting impression in the mind of customers or potential customers, and it gives little or no room for competitions’ products or services.

Branding is an impression you create before sales and often expected to last through out the customer’s product or service experience, however to keep competition off, you have to go a step further… stay tuned for comes next in 10 Ways to Beat Competition: Way 4 – Using A.S.S.




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