Pick-up and Delivery Service

Pick-up and Delivery Service

 Average Capital Requirement: N150,000

Summary: This is a control tower business; remember the famous transporter movie? This is something like that. With two motorcycles and two riders for a start you can make as much as N150,000/Month, no stress involved, especially when you have steady company or individuals you are serving.



Delivery service is a growing idea in Nigeria. It involves trust as people have to entrust you with getting a particular item from one place to another within a locality. Companies, eateries, confectioneries and individuals need this service, you just need to present yourself/ company as trustworthy and you will have as much patronage as your service capacity can handle. With this you can gross up to N300,000 per month.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Working office (this is optional as you can work from home)

Booking medium (Working telephone, websites, email etc)

Motorbikes and gears

Insurance cover for both riders and packages

  • Personnel

Licensed riders

Receptionist (optional)

  • Capital

The major capital will go into getting very durable yet cost reasonable motorbikes (motorcycles). Motorbikes vary in prices depending on brand, new or fairly used and selling agent. The prices ranges from N40,000 to N150,000 for one.

Required Skills

  • Good presentation and marketing skills
  • Good management skills
  • Understanding of road networks and navigation

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delivery service


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