Keeping Your Business Afloat This Hard Times

How To Keep Your Business Afloat

From my research and experience, there are three (3) key elements responsible for the sustainability of your business. The first is your staff, the second is your customers and the third is your P&L. However, in this article I will be talking about the first two.

Your Staff: To a large extent your staff is easy to manage, especially if you take the following things into consideration.

1. Hiring: Hire the person that best fits. Someone who understands what is expected of him/her and who is ready to work within your budget.

2. Pay a competitive salary that grows based on productivity and length of stay.

3. Reward productivity and celebrate staff contribution.

4. Train your staff: Organize training for your staff; training on new products, do refresher training for old ones, train on company’s ideals, mission and vision.

5. Get feedbacks from staff and take actions on them.

6. Weed out the non-performing staff before they infect others. You cannot afford to attach sentiments to this one.

Your Customers: Customers are a bit more complex to manage, especially considering the human psychology and how we respond to different situations. However there some basics your customers want from you

1. Quality: Be it service or product what customers crave for is quality. Somehow customers have expectations set which they hope your products or services would meet.

2. Customer Experience: Every customer wants to be treated right. From the moment they have their first contact with you till they are done with consuming your product or service.

3. Loyalty Rewards: Just like your staff, you customers also wants to be rewarded for their loyalty. Simple things such as a call on their birthday, discounts for returning customers, season raffles draws etc can go a long way in delighting your customers.

4. Complaint Handling: Customers want their complaints to be treated as critical and resolved as urgently as possible. No complaint is irrelevant just as no customer is insignificant. What a customer can do to your business with bad publicity may not be undone by millions of sweet ads.

On this basis, I will like to introduce to you an outfit designed to help you train you and your staff on how to get the best out of yourselves and out of your customers. We give you practical examples of all that have been cited above and more, and also teach you how to personalize them to suit your business. At, our training program schedules are flexible and available both physically and online. Visit our webpage at for more information.

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