Contract/Freelance Writer

Contract/Freelance Writer

Average Capital Requirement: Zero Capital

Summary: If writing is your forte then making money just got easy for you. Depending on the category of writing you specialize in you can make betweenN2,000 to N50,000 per publication.


Writing requires more of research than talent, the more you read the more you know and the more you have to share. There are different categories of writing; academics, fictional, political, critic, motivational, fashion etc, each of these appeals to set of audience, and there are already established outlets willing to pay to have wonderful articles posted/published on their platforms. With almost zero capital required, you can make as much as N50,000 per publication/write-up.


Required Resources

  • Assets

A computer system (Laptop or notebook can equally do the job)

  • Capital

Cost of research for trending topics, publishing platforms and individuals willing to by your article or research work.

Required Skills

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Inquisitive mind
  • Good editing skills

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