Imported Rice Vs Local Rice

Imported Rice Vs Local Rice


Rice in Nigeria is a staple food, imported rice had always been the favorite, from the days of Uncle Ben’s rice to the present day of caprice. However, due to government policies and pressure on the Naira, what we have now is a situation where, imported rice has become unaffordable. In present day Nigeria the imported rice cost about three (3) times as much as the local rice.

Rice  Grain

Rice Grain

The preference for imported rice

The preference for imported rice can easily be attributed to our inherent mentality that “if it is not imported then it is not quality”. Somehow we have this idea that whatever is not made out of the shores of the country is inferior. Having said that here are some other reasons why Nigerians prefer imported rice

  • Imported rice always look shinny and inviting
  • Imported rice do well in water and doesn’t become unnecessarily soft
  • Grains of imported rice looks thicker or bigger compared to local rice
  • Imported rice are well branded (the hallmark of quality)

 The Truth

Do you now that with just one process you can make the local rice look exactly if not better than the imported rice? Do you know that with the right packaging of your processed local rice you can make so much money?

The difference between the local rice and imported rice is just the last step of production that was skipped by the local farmers before presenting the rice to the market. Rice Processing entails four steps:

Harvesting – Parboiling – Milling (polishing) – Coating or glazing


Usually the Nigerian local farmers stop at the polishing stage that is why local rice look so rough, small and absorb water. The Coating or glazing stage is where the rice is made shinny by adding dry talc and glucose solution to already milled rice.


With the advent of technology, now you can buy a portable (home size) rice coating machine to do the coating yourself. That is, as an entrepreneur, you can buy local rice, complete the last stage of production, using the coating machine and then repackage for the market in different sizes. Effectively you would have been able to take care of all the reasons why Nigerians prefer imported rice to local rice, while the price difference will take care of the mentality adjustment.

Read more on how to start a Repackaging business.

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