Starting A Servicing Business

Servicing Business


Average Capital Requirement: Zero Capital

Summary: Servicing business is a business you do not need large capital to start and you can make as much as N200,000/month, and even more depending on how you can market what you have to offer.

Service Business

Introduction: The whole idea of servicing business is to sell your service to individuals, small firms and/or big corporations who are in need of it. Anyone can sell service, depending on your versatility, talent, competence or past experience. What comes to you naturally might be the same thing others find difficult to do, so you do it for them at a profitable price.

Example of services you can sell includes:

  • Procurement service: Helping people or organizations to buy things
  • Supply service: Supply people or organizations with their needs and get paid
  • Teaching or consulting service: Teaching people or company your special skill for money
  • Errand service e.g. cleaning and facility management service, delivery service, proposal writing, business development service, tour packaging service etc.
  • Entertainment service: e.g. Disc Jockey (DJ), life band service, Master of Ceremony (MC), event planning service etc.
  • Marketing service: Setting up of marketing service outfit to help market or sell other people’s products and services.
  • Fashion service: Designing, tailoring, cresting, printing etc.
  • Maintenance service: This include the generator, motor, air-condition, electrical maintenance and servicing.
  • Nutrition Service: If you are a nutritionist, you can have nutrition service for children, aged, people with special needs etc.
  • Security service: Security of houses and companies, security training on how to prevent cybercrimes etc.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Having the service you want to sell

  • Personnel

You alone for a start

  • Capital

Zero capital

Required Skills

  • Expertise in the chosen field of service (you may have to learn few things from an already established hand)
  • Knowledge of business writings such as proposal writing, quotation writing and invoicing
  • Good negotiation skill

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