8 – 4 is a Scam 

8 – 4 is a Scam Find a Way to Get out now!

All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind. – Aristotle

The drive for self-employment, skill acquisition and development in the last few decades is unprecedented, you may wonder why but over time, many people have come to see the truth, “8 – 4 is a Scam”.

Yes! 8 to 4 is the biggest scam since paper money. The whole essense of working is not only to meet basic daily needs but to get value for efforts. However, the working template for most business organizations is to help their employees meet basic needs by paying a salary just about enough to maintain their social status, that is, salary enough to keep you coming back for more and too small to take them to the next level. The truth is only very few business Enterprise would actually pay you what you truly deserve. 

Some days ago I got the news that a bluechip company in Nigeria sacked over 100 women and couple of men, whatever the reasons are one thing is obvious over 100 breadwinners thrown back to labor market after investing over 10years of their lives to building another man’s dream, without severance benefits or gratuities. And someone will tell me self employment is risky. Here is what I know, there is no personal business you would invest 10years in that won’t have been self sufficient.

Why Paid Job is a Scam

1. Job security

When you work for someone, your job is as secured as not getting on the wrong side of your boss’ decision. Asides  Civil Service job that is a little bit secured, no other job gives you that “go home and rest, then resume tomorrow” feeling like your own business. With paid job nothing is assured, you could get back to your 8-4 job and the company tells you your service is no longer needed and that would be the end.

2. Scope Limitations

Nothing limits an open mind like a paid job. Most organizations have Standards of Operations which is actually meant to guide workers on how each operation is handled, as beautiful as this is, it also limits creativity and self development. Working a paid job limits what you are exposed to, how you handle challenges and how you can use your creativity on the job. Ultimately you begin to lose interest in job and end up either being disgruntled or become lackadaisical to the job and eventually to life.

3. You don’t get what you deserve

As earlier pointed out, only very few paid jobs would actually pay you what you deserve for the efforts you are putting in. There is a saying that “a man that is not building his own dream would be hired to build another man’s dream”. Imagine this, if you dedicate 8 hours daily building something with all sense of discipline and purpose, how far do you think you would have gone in a year not to talk of 5 or more years, then compare this to what you make per annum from your paid job. Is it worth it?

4. Zero Future

A paid job is as loyal to you as much as you are able to deliver on the job. Forget what you have achieved in the past for the business or the commendations you have been given, if you can no longer deliver in your assigned role, then you are gone. Give or take, no matter how excellent you are on the job after 35years of service you would have to retire and if you are not used to being idle (that is if you are lucky to retire to good savings) then boredom is inevitable. However, with your own personal business this cannot happen, even if it does, it would be on your own terms.

5. The Risk is Higher 

Risk is measured by what one stands to lose when the unexpected happens. What is the worst that can happen when you own your own business? Probably losing your capital and with this you can always build on the links or connections you have already established. However, with a paid job starting over is as painful as it is almost impossible. Back to the people I pointed out earlier that were sacked, do you think starting over will be easy? The risk of paid job is unprecedented, and as risky as starting your business is, let me assure you, 10 years down the line you would be better than those on paid job who have spent same number of years build other people’s dream.

Do you know that no one with paid job has ever been on Forbes richest people top list? Paid job is never worth it, no matter how much you are being paid.  However, if you so much enjoy your paid job then have something on the side that you can always fall back to. Listen, nothing beats having your life in your hands, putting it in another man’s hand is the biggest risk you can ever take. Save yourself future heartaches, invest in yourself and build your own dreams.

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