Starting Up A Make Up Artist Business

Make Up Artist


Minimum Capital Requirement: N20,000

Summary: Being a makeup artist offers you a unique opportunity to try out your colour combination skills and creativity while getting paid for it. With an investment of between N20,000 and N200,000, you can rake in a minimum N25,000 on weekly basis.



Fashion and style would always be in vogue as long as people continue to invent and reinvent. Makeup Artistry is currently the trend amongst ladies and men alike, with extensions such as Gele tying, lashes fixing, facials, massage, detox, nails etc., in this business, if you are ready to work then you are in for some cool cash.

In this article, some key areas will be touched, so even if you are already in this business, this article can help redirect your focus and ensure you maximize your revenue.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Makeup kits (professional kits)

Digital camera or a device (phone or tab) with very high megapixel

Access to mobility

  • Personnel

Yourself and an assistant (optional)

  • Capital

N20,000 to N200,000

Required Skills

  • Understanding of colour combinations and implications (sleek, daring, smoky, nude, sparkle, innocent etc.)
  • Creativity
  • Hardworking and good time management skills

Intersted? Download fill article here make-up-artist

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