Packaged Tour Business

Packaged Tour Business

Average Capital Requirement: Zero Capital

Summary: Tourism is big money business but a seemingly untapped sector in Nigeria. You can make money from this even with zero startup capital, you can make as much as N100,000, just organizing tours and having fun.


People want to have fun, especially as a group but what is stopping most of them is, they need someone to organize it and do all the planning work for them; this is the service you are going to offer them at a reasonable fee. You get to meet different people, have as much fun as possible while working and you get to go to places others only dream of. Sounds like fun already, right?


Required Resources

  • Assets

A functioning website

Contact Telephone number and email address

  • Personnel

You and an assistant (optional)

  • Capital

Zero Capital

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of tourist attraction centers
  • Knowledge of road networks
  • Love for tourism and being a tourist guide
  • Good organizing skills
  • Good people management skills

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