Average Capital requirement: Less than N100,000

Telecom is the next big thing after Petroleum in Nigeria, and unlike Petroleum, Telecom allows small players to cash-out big; the rules are very relaxed and with as low as N100,000 as startup capital you can be grossing N300,000/month working full time on your laptop or phone or employing someone to do the work full time for you.


SIM registration business is a thriving business in Nigeria and the truth is most people doing this business would not want you to know how much they make on monthly basis. Do you know that telecoms pay those that register you a certain percentage of your recharge within the first month of purchasing the SIM? Those boys you see selling SIM and registering them, make from 50% to 90% on your recharge. For Instance if you buy a new Glo Sim for N100 and register then recharge N1000 for data, the man that registers you earn a commission of N900 on that recharge and that is not all, he also earns commission on all your recharges for the first 30days.

That’s the kind of money in Telecoms and all you need is a small capital to start, even without connections, you can just walk into any telecoms friendship centers or outlets and make enquiries on how you can be a business partner.

Required Resources


A shop/outlet: Preferably a place where there is so much traffic

A laptop (Netbook) or A Tablet to install the registration application

A registration Code (You can get this from Dealers or Directly for Telecom’s sales team)

Others; Finger print scanner, webcam, modem to supply internet, source of power to charge your system


You can start by yourself but if it is meant to be a secondary source of income you can employ someone and give them sales target



Required Skills

Basic reading and writing skills are compulsory

Full description of Operation

Click the link below to download

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