Starting a Transport Business

Transport Business


Minimum Capital Requirement: N100,000

Summary: Transport business is one of the fast money making business that can never go out of fashion. Whatever capital sunk into this business can be recouped within the first 6month of the business and within the first one year the business asset can be doubled, that lucrative! With an investment of N100,000 you can make over N800,000 per annum.

Transport Biz

Introduction: Transportation business revolves round the movement of people, goods and messages from one point to another, using different means of transportation; bikes, tricycles, cabs, buses and planes. This is one of the most lucrative business you can invest in but also one of the most risky business around. Accidents, lack of trusted personnel and corrupt law enforcement officers top the list of the possible problems one can face doing this business. However, once one gets it right the returns are like hitting a gold mine.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Desired means of transportation: depending on your startup capital

  • Personnel


Logistics Manager (this could be you)

  • Capital

Capital of between N70, 000 and N8million, you should do just fine.

Required Skills

  • Should be good with profiling
  • Understand road navigation
  • Understand laws governing the business

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