Setting Up Your Ecommerce Website

Setting Up Your Ecommerce Website

​There is so much money to be earned online these days that you can become a millionaire just working from home. One of the major ways people make money online is by owning an eCommerce website. eCommerce website is simply an online market/store where people buy and sell different types of stuffs and deliver before or after payment. Products on eCommerce websites include ebooks, fashion items, electronics, arts, food and pastries, services etc. Examples of ecommerce sites include Jiji, konga, alibaba, olx etc. 
eCommerce websites has three distinct features:

1. Products to trade

2. Shopping cart software

3. Medium of payment and delivery

Ecommerce Webpage

Brent Gleeson wrote about the 3 Steps To Launch Your First eCommerce Website on Forbes, below is the summary.
Step 1 – Choosing an Industry and Product

For some, this is the hardest step of the process and can cause a lot of headaches. Choosing the right product to sell online can have a huge impact on whether or not your eCommerce website is successful. 

Step 2 – Finding Manufactures with Great Products

Now that you’ve identified which products you want to sell it’s time to find out who the manufactures are. 

Note that aside from selling your own stuffs (in case you are a producer), you can also sell for friends and other interested manufacturers.

Step 3 – Setting up the Website

So you’ve chosen your products and found a few manufacturers to work with, what next? Get the website up and running.

Read full Brent Gleeson article here 3 steps to launch your first ecommerce website

Examples of website that have automated eCommerce software are: (business plan)

Google store etc.

For the best result you can contact a professional website developer.

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