Internet Speculation Business

Internet Speculation Business


Internet speculation business is a relatively new business that came with the introduction of internet, domain names, media accounts and profiles. This business can easily make you an overnight millionaire depending on how good, fast and predictive you are. Some have described it as gambling but the success rate of ISB is quite high and the longer you have been in the business, the higher your success rate. Mike Mann, one of the success story in this business, was once reported to have bought 14,962 domain names in 24hours just to increase his chances of getting the dream payday. Currently he earns over $400,000/month just doing internet speculation business through his company


Now I am sure your question is, “what does this business entail?”. For easy understanding, I will divide the business into three; Domain speculation, Account speculation and Profile sales.

Interested? Download full article and read internet-speculation-business

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