Repackaging Business

Repackaging Business


Minimum Capital Requirement: N100,000

Summary: Most people believe that you need to produce before you can package, this assumption is wrong. So long as you can find what people may not be able to afford in bulk, you can make money off it, selling it in bits. You can gross at least N200,000/month just repackaging.

rice packing


Repackaging business has been in existence for a while now, easily spotted are the small packed rice, gari and even grinded pepper; and so long as there are items sold in bulk, there would always be reasons to have repackaging business. With proper registration where required and good marketing & distribution network, this can make you a millionaire in one year.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Sealing machine

Brand label

Packs or Rows of repackaging bags

  • Personnel

Depending on the volume and market

  • Capital

Between N100,000 to N500,000

Required Skills

  • Good marketing skill
  • Relatively hard working
  • Good management skill


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