WhatsApp Sales

WhatsApp Sales allow you to sell items such as wears, shoes, hair wigs, artworks, perfumes, devices, other consumables and services such as training programs, home installation, tailoring services, cake baking etc to people on your Whatsapp contact while showcasing these items on your WhatsApp status.

ZERO COST: This is a zero cost business depending on how you set it up. If you decide to take people’s orders before you make your procurements then you would be trading with their money, at zero cost to you.

EXPECTED INCOME: With a modest estimate of 20% profit per transaction depending on the calibre of people on your contact list. If you make a daily sales of 10,000 per day, I.e average of 200,000 per month, your profit should be at 40,000 per month. Remember at zero cost of capital or start up.


  1. Decide what you want to sell; product or service. Based on the needs of people on your contact list and their friends
  2. Convert your personal WhatsApp to Business Whatsapp (available on appstores)
  3. Find out wholesale shops where you can get the products at the cheapest rates in case of products while for services be sure you can deliver those services or have people who can.
  4. Get pictures of those items and start posting on your WhatsApp status.
  5. If a buyer picks any item or orders a service, ensure they preorder with at least 75% of the price, which should cover at least your original cost (cost of procurement)
  6. Get to your wholesale plug for the item requested.
  7. Deliver and get your 25% balance which must cover your cost of delivery and profit.

PRICING: Your pricing is made up of two cost parts: 1) Original cost which is the total cost of the product or service 2) Gross profit markup which is your profit plus expenses incurred in getting the product delivered. So for instance, a product say shoe, if the shoe is sold at 5000 wholesale price (original cost) and your cost of delivery is 1000 while your profit is marked at 2000. This means that your Price for the shoe is 8000. Your preorder price (75% of price) is 6000 while the balance of (25% of price) 2000 should paid on delivery. Same working goes for services


  • Posting too much at the same time: when you post too many products at the same time, people easily lose interest in checking. The best way is to post few then have a website where you can refer people to, to check more items. This would also help you build your business outside your WhatsApp
  • Selling on credit: this is one business you can’t afford to sell on credit. You are better off having one cash sale a week than seven credit sale a day.
  • Not getting reviews: People believe what others have to say about you more than what you have to say about yourself. So get reviews from your customers and share same on your status for others to see.
  • Deciding to use a different number: Whatsapp sales business is built around your current connection so you need to use your personal phone number most people know you with. You can decide to get cute when you have grown the business.
  • Being shy: This business means you have to be in people’s faces all the time. So you have to post, talk about it to people, add new contacts everyday and get busy with your preorders.
  • Not posting prices: When you post a product please post the price. Not all potential customers want to start asking for prices, so post the price, it saves time and also ensures only serious buyers approach you.

It is advisable to use WhatsApp Business for your WhatsApp sales because it has functions that would enhance your sales such as

1.Business Profile
2. Quick Replies
3. Automatic Greeting Message
4. Automatic Away Message
5. Contacts Labels
6. Message Statistics
7. Catalogs
8. Interactive Business Message. 

9. List Messages and Reply Buttons

10. Facebook Shops Integration
11. WhatsApp Payments (available only in India.

Get a website where people can access all the items you are offering for sale, free webpages such as WordPress would do, and you can share the link on your Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter and Instagram just to widen your reach. Your website should have a contact button which would allow people chat you up directly on your WhatsApp or email.

If this article has been helpful, please share with friends using the buttons below. For enquires or other requests you can email me at selahsgroup@gmail.com

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