The most important aspect of any business is getting to the final consumer, be it merchant, production, re-packaging, medical services, solicitor, consulting services, religious services, any business you can think of, you want the final consumer to be aware of what you have to offer, what makes yours different and why you should be patronized instead of many others offering same goods or services.

Media presence is one of the cheapest way to achieve the above another effective way is through referrals; however the focus of this article is Media Presence. Media presence refers to being represented in good light in the media.

There are 4 types of media businesses can take advantage of

1. Print Media – Newspaper, magazines

2. Broadcast Media – Television, radio

3. Outdoor Media/displays – Bill board, Banners, Posters etc

4. Social or Internet Media – Social media apps; Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Blogs, online Radio, Online TV, YouTube and so on

While the first three can be a big budget yet less effective while the fourth one (Internet Media) can be well manipulated to get more effective results even with a very low budget.

Media presence is a must for a business that is determined to survive time. Continuing in business or business survival is predicated on the business’ continued relevance, this makes Social media very important as the feedback process is very effective to help business continually reposition its products and services to keep-up with the expectations of the customers.


1. Get a business account: One thing most business owners fail to do one time is separating their business from themselves. As much as we want people to know we are the owner of the business, it is also in the interest of the business that it stands as an entity. So your business should have its own social media account that should be well managed to project the image of the business and encourage feedbacks. Note, feedbacks are not personal; it is often a review after consumption of product or service. If you separate your personality from your business, this reality gets easier to understand.

2. Get a media manager: It is always a herculean task managing the business and managing the media presence at the same time, in as much as this is doable if you are not sure you can handle it, then it is best you get a manager. Pictures, posts, write-ups and comments on your business account must be carefully crafted, weighed and no cost spared to ensure perfection. Every effort on your account says something about your product or services.

3. Link up Established Online platforms: Link up with established platforms to grow your business, if you produce something like shoes, clothes, bags etc. you can link up with platforms like Konga, Jumia and sell your products there. So also podcast, music can link up with itunes, Doctors can link-up with Sermo; there is always an established platform you can link up with to grow your brand, you just have to identify it and make the best use of it.

4. Get professionals to do a review for you: Professional review also helps you promote your business. For example, most people visit Rottentomatoes to see movie review before going to watch, download or buy the movie. There are notable bloggers and professional writers who could do reviews on your products and services and share it on their platforms. This would grow your business, help convince skeptics about what you have to offer and you would also get feedbacks on areas to improve.

5. Do Paid Promotion: Paid promotion would improve people’s visit to your media account, however to convert this to volume and sales depends on how convincing your products look and the testimonies your service has. I maintain, it is wise to let a professional manage your business account because managing a business account takes as much time and energy as it is required to produce what you produce deliver the services you have to offer. Having said that a well-tailored paid promotion would get you as many hit has possible.

Things to also factor in

A. Logistics: Having a media presence means your business is no longer bound by location, hence you would need a solid logistic to ensure prompt deliveries of goods or services to your customers.

B. Mode of Payment: You should have a payment platform that is easily accessible to your customers either pay before dispatch or payment on delivery or percentage payment before and after service; it should be in line with what your customers want and best practice.

C. Process of Return/refund: You should also have a way returning goods that do not meet customer’s expectations, given a specific period as well as a refund policy that should be well spelt out.

D. Feedbacks and testimonies: Most people look for reviews of previous buyers before they buy. You need to have your testimonies in an accessible format for new customers to see and also demand feedbacks as part of your business transaction.

E. Spare no expense: When it comes to media presence, spare no expense, I can’t say this enough. People see everything and they factor everything into making their purchasing decision, allow professional input.

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