Snailery Farming

Snailery Farming

Summary: Snailery or snail farming business is one of the most lucrative farming business in the world. With a growth of about 200% annually, it is very hard to make loss in this business. With a start-up capital of N10,000, you can earn over N10,000,000 in a little over 3years.


Snails are hermaphrodites, meaning no male or female snails as such with a startup of 5 fully grown snails you can harvest 1000 snails after 18months. With a well-planned farm structure and harvest structure snail farmers, can harvest every 3moths after the first 18months. No smell, no disease, low cost of maintenance, high productivity rate, and excellent returns on investment; it is all a farmer wants.

Required Resources
Pen space
Snail stock
Water system

As farm grows

Minimum of N10,000
Required Skills
Attention to details

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