Dog Breeding Business

Dog Breeding Business

Minimum Capital Requirement: N150,000

Summary: If your favorite pet is Dog, this offers you a rare privilege to have fun with your favorite pet and yet make enough money to live the life have always wanted.

Introduction: Running a dog breeding business isn’t easy. Starting this type of business requires a significant investment of time, effort as well as money; for dogs, licensing and veterinarian care. The business has an already made market and money back guaranteed, depending on how rare the breeds you have are and the class of your target market. Of course “Bingo” will probably make you nothing but peanuts however breeds like Labrador retriever, German shepherd, Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire terrier would make you Millionaire within limited time. dogbreeding

Required Resources

  • Assets

A dog breeding facility

Breeding licensing and insurance

Training and walking

  • Personnel

As required

  • Capital

N150,000 – Startup cost – Money for at least two puppies (Male and Female). Amount required depends on the breed.

Required Skills

  • You have to love dogs and understand them
  • You have to be very observant
  • Willingness to learn and socialize with other dog breeders (online)

Interested? download full article starting a dog breeding business

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