Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Minimum Capital Requirement: N10,000

Summary: If you are very good with social media apps and you understand how to sway public opinion, this might be the jackpot you have been waiting for. Depending on the kind of contract you can land, you can make above N200,000/month.

Social media


So many celebrities these days run into trouble by saying the wrong things, putting up the wrong pictures or extreme videos on social media, and often times making them to lose money, endorsements and sometimes their careers. Also, many growing companies, who would like to project youth friendly image, find it difficult to keep up with the social media trends, especially when they have so many management issues to contend with.

Social media management is a service of necessity; requiring social media gurus to help ensure the right words are used, the right sentiments are built and the image of their clients are maintained on social media.

Depending on how you are able to market yourself as a social media manager to the ever increasing potential clients, the possible income is boundless.

Required Resources

  • Assets

Good internet accessing devices (laptop, tablets, mobile phones)

Media gadgets (Digital camera, video and voice recorders)

  • Personnel

As many as required but you can start alone

Media team and editors

  • Capital

N10,000 to N500,000

Required Skills

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good human psychological evaluation
  • Excellent marketing skills
  • Must be social
  • Excellent use of social media apps
  • Creativity and being proactive

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