10 Steps to Musical Stardom

10 Steps to Musical Stardom


As you must have observed, I am not a musician but like every other talent, there is a business side to it. Some people have been fortunate to understand this business quite on time and their rise to stardom has been quite accelerated.

These steps can take you to stardom in less than 5 years depending on how hardworking you are, so rather than wait for project fame to give you fame, you can start with these steps already.


10 Easy Steps to Musical Stardom

  1. Discover your genre of music: Yes, you have the talent but singing a wrong genre of song based on your voice is a one way ticket to ‘never hit stardom’ island. If your voice is pleasant for Reggae don’t say you want rhythms and blues because you love it.
  1. Practice as often as possible: This is going to be your career, so you have to give it all your time. Spend a lot of time doing rehearsals, do voice training, take on karaoke challenges, stay in front of audience and sing, push your limits.
  1. Do live performances: Stage freight has ruined more careers than album failure, you have to overcome that! Note, you should never take stimulants to perform on stage; they are addictive and may ruin your career. Do ‘jumps’, familiarize yourself with what the people want from you, the kind of songs they want to hear you sing and how receptive they are to your name (you may have to change it).
  1. Record a track: Do a track, not just anyhow track because it is going to be your first impression, give it the best of yourself. Most upcoming artist want to wait till they are discovered by one big producer before the release their track song. Your track song serves as both your demo track and you leverage. Do it!
  1. Push your track song with all you have got: Understand that you are an upcoming artist, you will have to take lots of thrash from people, and lots of rejection but that shouldn’t stop you from pushing your thing. Make your song available to as many radio stations as possible (most of them may demand a little something –money wise, pay it! the price to stardom). Upload your track on social media platforms; push it till there are no more avenues to push it.
  1. Review offers carefully: Offers will start coming, be careful of what you put pen to. Get a lawyer or an informed manager to help you read through lines and review contract or proposals. Don’t just sign anything, no matter how interesting they read; in fact I will employ you to still wait till you have gone through step 7 before you sign anything substantial.
  1. Collaboration: This is where the finishing job is, getting someone to collaborate with. Except you have been signed to a big music director at stage 6, this can be a herculean task in terms of expenses. However, here is an easy way out, look for an old musician who still has lots of followers and can still brings back fun memories (this shouldn’t cost you too much), then remix your first track or do a new one with him/her. If you get your selection of musician to do the collaboration with correctly, then I can assure you, you are already a star.
  1. Get a good contract: Your stardom will come with lots of ‘now’ wonderful offers, pick the best! One that has your interest at heart especially your future. One that has good programs for you in terms of album releases, feature songs, musical tour etc. Don’t be too anxious to put pen to paper that you forget to ask questions. Remember, this is your career; it is your life be very cautious.
  1. Exit Plan: Nothing last forever, not even fame and stardom. From the moment you realize you have become a star, start working on an exit plan. For a musician, the easiest is floating your own record label company. Singing is talent, as long as there is life there will be musicians, so record label can never be out of business. Start learning the management of music, the intricacies of marketing music and talent management.
  1. Stand on your own: Final step is to stand on your own. Pull all your resources to your own record label, be the face and hunt for as many upcoming artist as possible. Give them your platform to rise, like Tupac, you will be helping them at the same time making lots of money.

You can do this!



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  1. Olugbade Oladimeji says:

    This is an eye opener…Oh my! Great job selah


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