​Point of Sale/Service Terminal Agent

​Point of Sale/Service Terminal Agent

  • Average Capital Requirement: N100,000
  • Summary:

This business is about meeting Financial transaction needs of people at a fee of between 5 -10% using a POS terminal. With proper location of your business you can make over N40,000 in 2 weeks and with an N100,000 business per day, you can double your capital in just one month.

  • Introduction:

POS terminal is a portable device that allows you as a retailer or merchant collect payment from customers using debit card. The kind of transactions that are covered includes transfer from one account to another, payment of bills, balance enquiry, and drawings; it is a kind of mobile ATM. This becomes a business for you as an entrepreneur if you understand how you can use this device to meet these financial transaction needs of people for a token.

  • Required Resources
  • Assets

An outlet; a shop or Kiosk

At least 2 different banks Personal debit cards, preferably savings account with only email alerts to avoid cost of SMS alerts

A POS terminal (Free to Current account holders upon request at most banks but with between 0.75 to 1% service charge per transaction).

  • Personnel

One personnel is okay

  • Capital

Average of 100,000

  • Required Skills

Ability to operate the machine effectively. If you are very conversant with the ATM, you are halfway there.

Interested? Download full breakdown POS BUSINESS

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