Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Average Capital Requirement: N10,000 only

Summary: If you are addicted to social media, then here is a chance to make money from your addiction. With your laptop, time on your hands you can make so much money. You can gross over N150,000 per month armed with good number of audience and a lovely marketing proposal.



Social media marketing is relatively new in Nigeria. The Nigerian market is used to adverts on mass media, prints and bill boards but with this era of broadcasts, retweets, regrams, reposts etc  news spread faster now on social media than any other form of media. To confirm this, can you remember when you last sat down to watch local channels, let alone adverts on a local channel? However, you are frequent on social media, where it is hard to miss a thing. You can make money off this too.

Required Resources

  • Assets

A laptop and Phone that has online access

Good followership and presence on as many social media App as possible

  • Personnel

Just you till you need extra-hand

  • Capital

About N10,000

Required Skills

  • Good marketing skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Knowledge of social media, how to trend an idea, how to sway opinion and generate followership (training is available online free of charge)
  • Good business proposal (Find sample Social Media Marketing Proposal )


Interested? Download Free! How to be a social media marketer



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